Comes standard with every SpinoFlex system package
Ergonomically-designed to fit most users
Padded, easy-to-clean vinyl cover
Removable handgrips for added support and versatility
Easily attaches to power joints and attachment extenders on all SpinoFlex models

Platform Uses

A very comfortable option for chronic back pain relief

Removes stress and pressure, and provides pain relief in lower extremities, caused by osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and muscle atrophy.


High-traction grips for increased stability
Large diameter for arthritic hands
Reversible for patient or therapist use
Independently-adjustable for height and width to accommodate post-stroke patients

Handgrip Uses

“Parallel-bar” type gait training exercises
Body-weight exercises such as dips, pull-ups and push-ups
Helps relieve pressure from lower body joints while maintaining range of motion – Ideal for hip, knee, ankle, and foot rehabilitation


Heavy-duty fastening process to support up to 600 pounds
Thick padding for maximum comfort
Leg straps lift user in a more natural way to simulate actual weight-bearing
Groin straps to eliminate “slip-through”
All straps can be mixed and matched, or completely removed, for unparalleled versatility

Harness Uses

Gait training
Weight-bearing exercises
Standing exercises
Blood flow promotion among paralyzed users
Back pain – Pulls traction on spine during treadmill use for cyclic decompression


Easy-to-clean, non-slip gripping surface
Large diameter for arthritic hands or post-stroke users
Easily attaches to power joints and attachment extenders on all SpinoFlex models

Crossbar Uses

Ideal for above-the-shoulder, overhead, or below waist support

Attachment Extenders

Universal joints hold crossbar or armrest platform attachment
Can be used with handgrips on the same track

Attachment Extenders Uses

Allows simultaneous use of multiple attachments
User can be in a harness system while still supported by handgrips and armrest platform attachments

Harness Hanger

Four-point harness support reduces user swing
Box-frame accommodates taller patients

Harness Hanger Uses

Patients that lack balance and coordination
Taller patients
Patients who tend to swing back-and-forth or side-to-side

Custom Attachments

We can develop custom attachments to suit your particular needs. Contact us for more information.

Custom Attachments Uses

Harness mounting solutions
Patient band attachments
Medical supply attachments such as IV pole