The X-Series unweighting system is well-suited for home use and rolls easily over most treadmills. X-Series models come in a variety of widths for compatibility with most commonly-used treadmills.

You can attach a harness, crossbar, or platform to the power-lifting mechanism of the X-Series model to effortlessly bring the user from a sitting to a standing position.

The additional tracks in the front and rear of the unit allow for independently-adjustable handgrips and other attachments for specific uses.

The M-Series offers offset lifting for total patient-access and easier transfers from a wheelchair or bed.

M-Series models are ideal for use in areas that have lower ceilings. The frame design allows it to be used for mobility around the home or clinics.

One of the unique features of the M-Series is simultaneous lifting of the platform and harness. The patient is fully supported at all times, even during lifting.

Custom Solutions

The PXD frame can be customized in a number of ways. We frequently receive requests for specific height or width frames, as well as higher lifting capacities.

We can also produce custom attachments. Please contact us via phone or email with your requests or questions.


SpinoFlex products are unique due to their adaptability to the individual support requirements of their users. Multiple attachments include a platform, crossbar, harness, and handgrips to allow virtually limitless configurations.

  PXD-350 PXD-450 PMD-250 PMD-350 PMD-450
Full Vertical Range
Powered Lifting
Bariatric Capacity
Platform with Grips
Offset Lifting
Auxiliary Tracks
Treadmill Compatibility
Optional uninterruptable power supply mount