SpinoFlex X-Series models

SpinoFlex X-Series models provide excellent support for patients from children to tall adults. They also support any weight range and offer multiple widths to suit your specific needs.

All X-Series models work well over hardwood or laminated floors, carpet, and treadmills. They simplify transfers by easily lifting patients from wheel chairs and beds.

SpinoFlex X-Series models bring you:

  • Maintenance-free dual-column powered-lifting
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for added mobility
  • Crossbar, harness hanger, armrest platform, and harness can be used for powered lifting
  • Four additional tracks along the columns (two on each side) for addition and adjustment of additional supports such as handgrips, extenders, armrest platform or other attachments
  • Attachments can be positioned independently for a more-adaptable therapeutic environment

X-Series Products

PXD 350

PXD 450