SpinoFlex system solutions for post-surgical rehab

Starting post-surgical rehabilitation as quickly as possible is critical to maximize recovery potential. The SpinoFlex system allows the user to quickly and safely assume a standing position and gradually increase weight-bearing.

After surgery, balance and proprioception become important issues. The SpinoFlex system allows the user to use its handgrips or crossbar attachments for stability and to regain functional ability. The harness of the SpinoFlex system eliminates the risk of falls and contributes to ongoing levels of progress.

Many patients today are overweight. This makes early ambulation more difficult and contributes to reduced motivation. The SpinoFlex system features a powerful lifting mechanism to bring patients of any weight to a standing position. This eliminates the fear of falling in the user and the possibility of a lifting-related injury to the therapist.

More information on the complete line of SpinoFlex products is available here.

Prosthetic training

The SpinoFlex system can be used following amputation and prosthetic training to gradually increase weight-bearing on the affected site to strengthen the stump and reduce pain.