SpinoFlex systems solutions for stroke and traumatic brain injury

SpinoFlex systems allow earlier post-stroke/TBI therapy to enhance opportunities for complete recovery

Body-weight supported treadmill training (BWSTT) with the SpinoFlex system significantly improves recovery in post-stroke rehabilitation. Therapeutic exercise with the SpinoFlex unweighting device not only benefits patients in the critical first three months of recovery, as well as patients who are in the sub-acute and chronic phases of recovery.

The powered-lifting and adaptable supports of the SpinoFlex system allow the therapist to initiate rehabilitation earlier than previously possible. This early intervention accelerates recovery and can prevent the plateaus that often accompany delayed treatment.

The SpinoFlex system enhances opportunities for permanent recovery

The simple controls of the SpinoFlex system allow the therapist to easily bring the patient from a bed or wheelchair to a standing position. The user can then slowly increase weight-bearing while adjustments are made to weight placed on legs and arms. Over time, the user can begin to walk with support from the lightweight aluminum frame of the SpinoFlex system.

Maintaining a consistent pace during gait training is easy since the SpinoFlex system can be placed over most treadmills.

The multiple, adaptable-support points of the SpinoFlex system also aid in gait training during recovery. Its handgrips are independently adjustable to accommodate different widths, heights, and angles for added comfort during asymmetrical therapy.

The harness also has multiple adjustment points for more evenly distributed support, and to reduce pinch points and fatigue. Exterior-mounted handles help therapists or assistants maneuver the user to therapeutic positions easily.

More information on the complete line of SpinoFlex products is available here.