SpinoFlex system solutions for neuromuscular rehabilitation

The SpinoFlex system can improve functional ability in patients with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and Guillan-Barré syndrome.

Unweighted gait training can be the difference between progression and regression in patients who suffer from congenital, acute, chronic, or progressive neuromuscular disorders. The ability to practice a motion repetitively has been shown to increase functional ability, improve overall cardiovascular endurance, and improve work capacity.

With partial body-weight support the user can perform exercises such as weight-shifting and stride-lengthening. These can be done with a therapist in a hospital or at home, on the floor or over a treadmill. With the body supported safely, there is no danger of fall or injury.

More information on the complete line of SpinoFlex products is available here.