The SpinoFlex PMD 450

This is a wider version of the PMD-350. The PMD 450 can be used with other equipment and provides more room for the user.

Ideal for home or clinical use

Performs body-weight supported gait training over ground or treadmill.

Armrest platform attachment with hand grips offers stable and comfortable support and easy removal for added adaptability

Supports up to 500 pounds

Powerful dual-column drive mechanism provides 200-500 lbs of lifting capacity

Wide vertical movement range allows rehab of children to adults

PMD 450 advantages:

  • Allows walking through wide doorways
  • Ideal for clinical or home use
  • Hand control allows easy access to powered lifting
  • Compact, light-weight aluminum frame provides easy maneuverability
  • Dual-point harness suspension points prevent user rotation and provides stable support
  • Usable for gait training on treadmills and floors as well as for mobility
  • Supports tall and heavy patients
  • Both harness and platform lift simultaneously for comfortable lifting
  • Either harness, armrest platform, or both can be used

PMD 450included attachments

  1. Armrest Platform with removable grips
  2. Adult Harness – small, medium, or large
  3. Precision bearing lockable casters

PMD 450optional equiptment

  1. PMD004-S: Four Point Harness Small
  2. PMD004-M: Four Point Harness Medium
  3. PMD004-L: Four Point Harness Large
  4. PMD004-X: Four Point Harness X-Large
  5. PMD016: Battery unit mounting brackets
  6. PMD030: 500 lbs bariatric lifting option

PMD 450product dimensions

  1. Vertical power drive mechanism
  2. Height: 77”
  3. Width: 46”
  4. Height adjustment range: 38” – 93”
  5. Base length: 40”
  6. Power Supply: 110/220 VAC
  7. Standard lifting capacity: 300 lbs
  8. User weight capacity: 400 lbs