Selection Guide

We offer several SpinoFlex Products which are divided into the X-Series and M-Series systems.

To choose between the X-Series and M-Series models, it is helpful to understand the similarities and differences between our products. This guide helps you through the SpinoFlex Product selection process.


  • Supports children to tall adults
  • Can support any weight range
  • Multiple widths available to suit your needs
  • Works over floors and treadmills
  • Lifts patients from wheel chairs & beds for transfer
  • Maintenance Free Dual Column Powered lifting
  • Lightweight Aluminum frame

Difference between Series

  • Shorter frame and uses offset lifting
  • Armrest, crossbar and harness attachments
  • Platform and harness can be used individually or together as needed.
  • Simultaneous lifting of harness and platform
  • Taller frame uses inline lifting
  • Crossbar, harness hanger, armrest platform, harness can be used for power lifting.
  • Four additional tracks along the columns (two on each side) to attach and adjust additional supports such as handgrips, extenders, armrest platform or other attachments.
  • Attachments can be positioned independently for adaptable therapeutic environment.

How to choose between X-Series and M-Series?

While both series serve majority of support needs, the choice is mainly based on level of importance of a few criteria from customer point of view. These are mainly:

  • Height: If accommodating at least 93” frame is not a problem you can use either series. If needs to go through height limiting doorways, M Series works better.
  • Power offset and simultaneous lifting: If offset lifting is needed for easier patient access to therapists, M-Series works better. This also lifts both the armrest platform and harness simultaneously (if attached).
  • Power lifting with independent manual adjustability: If majority weight support needs to be done by harness and auxiliary support attachments are required to be placed manually along the height of the columns, X-Series works better.

How to choose within each series?

This is primarily driven by the width of the SpinoFlex required to suit your needs. Each model in each series has different width to satisfy various needs to determined by external components including width of treadmills, wheelchairs, beds, or other complementary equipment.

If you have any questions about SpinoFlex products, or would like to discuss custom systems, please contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to assist you.