SpinoFlex system solutions for spinal cord injury

SpinoFlex systems allow earlier therapy following spinal cord injury to enhance opportunities for recovery

The SpinoFlex system maximizes the ability to maintain a natural posture while re-learning to walk following a spinal cord injury. This neuromuscular rehabilitation contributes to the neural plasticity (the ability of the nervous system to adapt) that is highest within three months of injury. This plasticity continues to evolve for years following injury.

The SpinoFlex system is the ideal tool for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. The unique design of the platform attachment allows the user to stand upright while upper body weight is comfortably supported. Most of the attachments can be used simultaneously with the harness to maximize weight distribution, minimize fatigue, and produce optimum results during gait training.

SpinoFlex adaptable body-weight support systems are used world-over for weight- bearing, gait training, and neuromuscular rehabilitation. The SpinoFlex system allows consistent repetitive motion exercise that improves balance and proprioception. Its easy operation gives the therapist more time to treat more patients.

For assurance that a specific SpinoFlex model fits over your current treadmill or other device, or for any other questions, please contact us at your convenience. We can even custom build a SpinoFlex unit at a very reasonable cost to meet your individual needs.

More information on the complete line of SpinoFlex products is available here.